Hi! I’m starting this blog to talk about art, design and sustainability, and to share some of my artwork and projects around the house.

We recently bought our first house, so we’re learning a lot about home ownership and just generally being responsible adults. This includes renovating the slow way (piecemeal, on a budget) and working through the sustainable decision-making process to try and live in a healthier, more planet-friendly way.

I’ve noticed that the topic of “Sustainability” (with a capital “S”), like “Art” (with a capital “A”), often gets written about in this lofty way that alienates a lot of people. When written about chiefly by very intelligent, well-meaning academics, topics that could create common ground between all of us often come off as complicated, exclusive and – frankly – snobby and expensive. This leaves us with the feeling that these are very rigid and unapproachable topics that you’d have to be an expert to understand, never mind contribute to. I believe that the skills and knowledge for living a beautiful, healthy and mindful existence should be accessible to everyone, and the first step to that goal is talking about it in an approachable, practical way.

In this blog, along with sharing what I’m working on, I’m hoping to explore some of the key concepts of “green” decision-making as well as shed some light on specific projects and products, weighing in on what’s truly sustainable and what’s just “green-washed” as a marketing ploy. I’ll also be looking for behavioral changes and other no-to-low-cost changes we can make to better care for ourselves and the planet – and to hopefully add some beauty to our lives while we’re at it!

I strongly believe that the key to a fruitful exchange on any of these topics is to include a variety of viewpoints and ideas, so I’d love to see what you’re working on, read your comments, and hear any suggestions for future topics of discussion.

100 Thoughts on “Hello!

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